SEO Audit

At Somos Tingtal, we are responsible for analyzing and exploring both the SEO and technical problems that your website may have.


An SEO audit allows you to find potential problems with your blog, so that you can design a custom plan to solve them. You will have a specific plan to follow, prioritizing what is truly important.

SEO often consists of analyzing what exists and improving it for Google’s sake. That is why having a priority list allows you to improve search results.

We might think that publishing every day is enough to have new content for Google and thus improve our ranking and get more visits, but the truth is that without proper optimization, we are doing the same thing that millions of people do and in this way we will not be different from Google and other search engines.

Today you will have the opportunity for an expert to take care of analyzing your blog covering the following 25 steps of an SEO audit, in order to give you a detailed analysis of what you should do and what you are doing wrong.

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SEO Audit

“We not only cover the SEO audit, we also review the technical part and deliver the main errors solved (that require little time to fix)

An audit can help your website take off. We deliver a complete report on the health of your website, from possible 404 errors, unindexed pages, unoptimized images, loading speed and much, much more.

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SEO Audit

26 Steps to consider in an SEO Audit, in this audit we will be covering each of them.


These are the 26 steps that you must follow to have an excellent audit of your blog, and today an expert will be advising you for a week in which your blog is failing and what steps you must follow to correct possible errors and how to prevent them future.


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