Your time is valuable, let us handle the technical part.

Trust us with your website, we'll take care of the annoying and boring part of WordPress, manage and fix any problems, you won't even realize there were any.
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We are a team of professionals with over 6 years of experience.

We are your best ally, get the peace of mind you need.

We protect and respond to any eventuality that may arise with your website, depending on the technical support plan you choose.

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Web Design

We offer you a professional design for your website, whether for your business, personal brand or blog.

Webmaster - Technical Support

Your website must always be active 24/7 - We take responsibility for this to be the case.

SEO Audit

The health of your website is crucial for ranking in various search engines.

The right decision increases your income

We are aware that making a decision is not easy, especially if it affects your pocket. But letting time pass, causes you to lose much more money.

Your products or services can be online, you can reach more customers, if you already have your website, it may require optimization or an audit. You are not alone, we are here to help and advise you.

Our services?

Web Design

"We design your website in WordPress

The WordPress content manager is number one in the world, it is easy to use and manage. Publish your own content and much more.

We use Elementor Pro as a visual designer

An excellent visual designer, in a few clicks you can make visual changes to the design.

We make sure your website is adaptable

Your website will look great on desktop, tablets or mobile.

We use the best SEO practices

"We are experts in SEO, so you will save money in this aspect, from permanent links to optimized images.

We deliver your website indexed in Google

We make sure that each of your pages and posts are correctly indexed in Google.

3 months free hosting

A hosting that includes the Elementor Pro license every year saves you money and time.

Our services?

Webmaster - Technical Support

At Somos Tingtal, we take care of all the technical aspects of your website, according to the support plan you choose, you can have unlimited small tasks and advice, covering any situation you may need.

We optimize the loading speed of your website

Having a website in top condition will make Google love it.


Don’t worry if something goes wrong on your website, you can always recover your website to a previous state.

WordPress updates

Core WordPress updates, main plugins or theme updates may break something, but we are here for that.

Technical Support (Consultations)

I’m sure you have hundreds of questions, and each of them has an answer.

Updates and design modifications

You want to make a change in the design of your website or perhaps add a new page, we are always here to help.

SEO Audit

“We not only cover the SEO audit, we also review the technical part and deliver the main errors solved (that require little time to fix)

An audit can help your website take off. We deliver a complete report on the health of your website, from possible 404 errors, unindexed pages, unoptimized images, loading speed and much, much more.

Choose the most suitable plan

Webmaster - Technical Support

15-day return guarantee

In our webmaster – technical support plans, we offer you the peace of mind of a refund if you are not satisfied with our service. It requires a commitment of at least 6 months.


Basic support

* 15-day satisfaction guarantee, requires 6-month commitment

Small businesses, bloggers, and brands

* 15-day satisfaction guarantee, requires 6-month commitment

Priority technical support

* 15-day satisfaction guarantee, requires 6-month commitment

Do you need a custom plan?

We will gladly assess your needs and provide you with a budget according to your project, company or brand.


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